Saadani Group
Established in Alexandria in Sep. 1990 as an importers and suppliers of engineering products. over the years , we developed a strong technical background of applied processes that are related to compressed air and industrial automation.
  Our Mission
To provide high quality engineering services by employing and retaining the high quality staff, in addition to supply our customers with complete range of high quality products of energy saving concept and low environmental impact.
  Our Vision
The idea is to cover new areas in the Egyptian market and to move outside to North Africa where we can apply our mission in the best way that customer expect.
     Why Saadani Group  

The strong technical background developed in several years, the passion and the job of an expert team to supply customized solutions that made Saadani Group to be one of the most qualified partner in industrial automation.
We create customers awareness to our products, making sure of using them in the right way to obtain full life time with no down times.
We service our products in the best way that customer wish through immediate response and ready stock items.
We support and regularly furnish our customers with updated catalogues and new products.


We target wide range of local and multinational customers whom are recognized as market leaders in multiple business areas .
We provide our customers with the following Services:-
1- Hitachi compressor service
2- SMC Air Dryer service
3- Compressor room layout design and installation
4- Design the layout of compressed air pipe lines
5- Design of Pneumatic circuits
6- Compressed air flow and quality measurement
7- Pneumatic training courses
8- Energy saving consultation

   Our Scope of supply
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